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Our Services

You can count on SafeShip to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and expectations. Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like more information about a specific offering.

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Moving Truck

Express Plus++

We understand, most of the times there are urgencies to meet deadlines. Our Express plus++ is an advantage where the whole team assigned to your work prioritizes all processes and communications. It includes the same quality of research and the same approach while preparing any other order. We always have a reserved team of experts on stand to handle urgent orders.

  • Delivery of your merchandise on the express basis that is even faster than an emergency order.

  • A reserved team of experts are added to the usual panel of experts to deliver the order faster.

  • This advantage is subject to availability of reach and resources.

  • Express response to your queries in less than 2 hours.

Full Truck Load (FTL)

Full truckload, or FTL, is a shipping mode where one truck is responsible for a single shipment from one point to another. In an FTL shipment, the truck travels from point A to point B, making the transit times faster.

  • Most efficient mode of transportation for large shipments 

  • Most cost effective mode for shipments over a certain size

  • Less size and weight restrictions

  • Faster transit times than consolidated or less-than-truckload shipments

  • Direct move from origin to destination

  • Less handling and less likely to be lost or damaged as it stays with one truck driver/handler 


Warehouse (3pl)

The industry is constantly innovating, with new ways to make its processes more efficient through new technologies and systems. The SafeShip will have:

  • Inventory management apps and software

  • A real-time warehouse management system

  • Machine to machine technology

  • Automated inventory control platforms

  • Automated storage and retrieval systems

  • Pick to Light or Put to Light Systems

  • Web portals and interfaces for tracking

  • Labor Management systems

  • State-of-the-art barcode scanner systems

Full Time Shipment Tracking

Track any package, freight and shipment

FTS Tracking is a system where Tracking number or tracking code is a unique number assigned to each package, which allows you to monitor the movement of the parcel between the states or even inside one Route vehicle or City.

Corporate social responsibilities

CSR-001 (1).jpg

CSR is an integral part of SafeShip Business model and we are committed to fulfill our responsibilities as a part of the society. We aim to contribute towards the fields of Education, skill development, Environment and relief activities for natural calamities and spread hope and smiles to as many lives as possible


SafeShip to education and skill development

  • Skill development and training of freshers and interns.

  • Targeting 12th pass for scaling up man-force and increasing employment.

  • To promote entrepreneurship or self employment by developing Business Franchises


SafeShip to society

  • Targeting to create more than 20,000+ jobs (Skilled/ Unskilled Labour, Drivers, Employees and Business Partners).

  • Targeting to promote 50% women employment


SafeShip to environment

  • Use of 99% CNG and Electric vehicles for intra - city pick up and deliveries.

  • Promotion of Electric Delivery Vehicles for eco-friendly environment.

  • Promoting Tech and Paperless work

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