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Designed to be a sanctuary in the middle of the cities, the SafeShip knows that a little merchandise carry dreams and goes a long way.


Processing Centre

SafeShip Processing Centre(Hub) are designed for Streamlining the supply chain, from point of origin to point of sales which helps in reduction of TAT and eliminate warehousing costs, inventory holding costs by reducing storage times. SafeShip hub designs are at very minimal risk for inventory damage which helps products reach the dealer, distributor, and Customers, safer and faster

Our Services

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Express Plus++

•Express Plus Delivery

•Intra Region Plus

•Intra City Plus

•ODA within 72 hours

Full truck load (FTL)




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Warehousing (3PL)

•Technology enabled Distribution

•Infrastructure design

•Inventory management 

Full time shipment tracking

Track any package, freight and shipment

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“The safest and fastest hands of cargo”

Long Distance Shipping



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SafeShip helped me to believe that their

is a possible way for my cargo to reach

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